iPhone/iPad Android Compatible USA Patent Pending! NEW 2 in 1! Read Hands Free And/Or Wirelessy Charge! Best Cradle and Hardware on the Market!

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Install under any horizontal or vertical surface

Remove the feet and stand up on the counter!

Aluminum alloy and ABS

360 degree rotation. Patent pending


Smart Sensor Automatic Open/Hold Your Phone (PHONES ONLY) Wireless Charging - Wireless charging for phones ONLY with Qi wireless charging circuit built in to the phone.

Smart sensor automatically opens and holds your phone .  

Wireless charging works with our clear phone covers!

Use 5 volt 2 amp charger for fast charging.

DO NOT use with aftermarket batteries or Qi receivers because loose and non-soldered connections are not covered.

Phone charges within 5/16 (8mm) distance to pad.  Thick and dense phone cases can diminish or prohibit charging wirelessly.

Professional ready and charging status LEDs.

Also holds your phone without the cord by manually inserting into the holder.


Phone Gravity Holder

Clamps your phone with the weight of the phone.

No wireless charging.



 No wireless charging, holds phones and tablets.  Best cradle and hardware on the market.

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